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Israel Resource Center

The Bible clearly reveals that the nation of Israel is important to God. In light of that, and the current crisis in Israel, our team has put together resources to help you pray for Israel. Some of these resources are older, but we feel they will help provide a deeper understanding of Israel's crucial role, including its historical context, the ongoing conflict, and the profound biblical significance of the Jewish nation. 

We will continue to add content and resources to this page, so be sure to check back for more information.

Iran, Israel and End Time Events

The past fall we debuted our 2-part series, Iran, Israel, and End Time Events,  featuring prophecy scholars Dr. Mark Hitchcock, Dr. Ron Rhodes, and Jeff Kinley reveal God’s plan for every person on earth during the last days. They explain the fate of both believers and unbelievers when Christ returns, detail Satan’s plan to destroy Israel, and how Jesus responds to that plan. Dr. Ankerberg asked our guests to explain the timing of Jesus’ return and what that means for us!

Common Questions about Israel and its Biblical Significance

Is Israel still the Promised Land?

The Abrahamic Covenant promises a specific land for Abraham and his descendants. The Mosaic Covenant outlines conditions for Israel's possession of the land. The New Covenant ensures restoration and forgiveness. Biblical prophecies and Jesus' words confirm that Israel's rejection of Him is temporary. God's promises to Israel will be fulfilled, and they will permanently inhabit the promised land.

What level of support for Israel should a Christian offer?

When discussing support in the context of standing with Israel, it’s vital to clarify that we are not advocating for a blanket endorsement of every action or policy. The Old Testament is replete with instances where God and the Hebrew prophets called out Israel for their sins. Supporting Israel does not imply agreement with every political move or condoning all behaviors, as even Israelis themselves are often divided on these matters. Instead, what we mean by support is affirming their belief that the land of Israel has been promised to them by God.


Why are Jews known as God’s chosen people?

While arguing that both Jews and Gentiles are under the power of sin and cannot be justified through their own efforts, Paul raises a rhetorical question about the advantages of being Jewish. He eagerly answers by stating that there are many advantages, one being that the Jews have been entrusted with the very words of God.

Similarly, Jesus acknowledges to the Samaritan woman that while the Samaritans worship what they do not know, salvation comes from the Jews. Despite the failure and hostility of the Jewish leaders, Jesus affirms that God's plan of salvation unfolds through the Jews. This plan reaches its culmination in the promised and present Messiah who came to save the world. Jesus goes out of His way to save the ostracized woman and her Samaritan community.

Why is Israel so prominent in global politics?

In the Middle East, Israel stands out for its democratic values which include significant freedoms and a wide range of political and religious expressions. These values are not commonly seen in many neighboring countries. Israel upholds principles like democracy, the rule of law, and freedoms related to religion, speech, and human rights, aligning it with countries like the United States. Additionally, its democratic system benefits everyone. Israel creates a safe and supportive environment not only for its Jewish majority but also extends opportunities and rights to Palestinians and other minority groups. These minority groups actively participate in various professional sectors and government structures, making Israel a government that genuinely serves its diverse population.

How should a Christian view Palestinians?

When discussing support for Israel, it is important to clarify that our support is based on their rightful ownership of the land and does not mean devaluing or mistreating people of other ethnicities or religions. We should love all people, including Palestinians, Arabs, Israelis, and Jews, as they are created in God's image. Our role as the church is to love everyone impartially and sacrificially, being a beacon of God's love in a broken world. While God has promised the land to Israel, His salvation extends to all. The key way to support Israel is by helping them discover their Messiah, as true restoration and fulfillment of God's promises are found in Him.

Does Israel matter in end time prophecy?

In the context of end-times prophecy, Israel is significant because it is mentioned in Ezekiel 38 as a nation that will face opposition from several other nations in a future battle. Mentioned in Ezekiel 38:1-6 are: Gog (interpreted as an individual leader), Magog (likely associated with nations in Central Asia), Rosh (seen by many as part of Russia or Russia and its neighboring countries), Meshek and Tubal (located in modern-day Turkey), Persia (modern Iran), Cush (not modern Ethiopia but the land south of Egypt, which is now Sudan), Put (known as Libya today), Gomer (part of modern Turkey), and Beth Togarmah (also part of modern Turkey). These nations are geographically surrounding Israel and are often seen as having strong anti-Israel sentiments. While the timing of the events in Ezekiel 38 is uncertain, it is believed that God will eventually bring these nations against Israel, and they will be defeated by the Lord.


Rapture vs. The Second Coming Infographic

Jesus is coming again! That is great news for Christians. But have you been confused by the verses that talk about Him coming? In this chart you will see some of the differences between the rapture when Jesus comes for His saints, and His return, when He comes with His saints. So, lift up your eyes. Jesus is coming again!

Rapture vs. Return infographic with sources


Alignment of the Nations Against Israel | Program 1

This is a transcript pulled from an episode featuring Benjamin Netanyahu. It addresses how Israel is a small nation, surrounded by enemies on all sides. Learn about Israel's key areas and discuss safety concerns for those regions. 

God's Heart for Israel (and Us)

We read God’s promises to Israel in the Old Testament, where it is referred to as “the apple of His eye, but is God done with Israel since they rejected their Messiah? Are we, as Christians, supposed to stand for the nation of Israel today? Has the Church now replaced Israel, so that God’s promises and covenants given in the OT no longer apply to Israel? What is Israel’s global importance? Is global anti-Semitism on the rise? What will be Israel’s ultimate future?



Crisis in the Middle East | Program 1

This transcript is pulled from a series featuring Dr. Jimmy DeYoung and Dr. Renald Showers. They address the topic: Hamas and Hezbollah continue to launch attacks against Israel. Who is behind them? What is their ultimate goal?

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Places to Donate

The National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) has compiled a list of places you can give to help the people of Israel.

Please note: we will be updating this list as NRB does as well. 

International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ)

The ICEJ’s “Israel in Crisis” fund supports the ICEJ’s efforts to move Israeli civilians to safety, repair damaged homes, help with medical and trauma needs, and order more life-saving bomb shelters.

International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (IFCJ)

The ICEJ’s “Israel in Crisis” fund supports the ICEJ’s efforts to move Israeli civilians to safety, repair damaged homes, help with medical and trauma needs, and order more life-saving bomb shelters.

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American Friends of Magen David Adom (AFMDA)

AFMDA is engaged in immediate relief efforts by providing ambulances and lifesaving vehicles, training for EMTs and paramedics, blood supplies, emergency medical stations, and more.

Israel 365

Israel365 is helping to find temporary housing for thousands of traumatized men, women and children fleeing southern Israel, building fortified bomb shelters, and sending essential supplies to Israeli soldiers at the southern battlefront.